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A guide to making effective ads on Instagram


Instagram is a popular and popular social network whose users are increasing every day. Among the users of this popular network are business owners who are looking to improve their business day by day with online buying and selling. In order to increase their followers, these people need to advertise in the virtual space or buy followers. Since today Instagram is considered the biggest application for the supply and sale of products, in order to be more successful in this direction, we need to advertise and attract more followers. Of course, advertising on Instagram has costs to attract customers, so you have to choose the right way for this. For example, a person who has started a business can do the advertisement himself or leave it to celebrities and famous people. This method of advertising by such people causes the rapid growth of the product brand, immediate sales and increase in followers.

In addition, for advertising on Instagram, you can get help from Instagram sponsorship, which is done by Instagram itself in the form of posts or stories; Of course, the cost of advertising in this method is very high. However, Instagram advertising has a great effect on attracting followers and customers. In addition, choosing an effective method for advertising on Instagram and attracting followers is very important. Therefore, it is better to know the effective methods of advertising on Instagram before any action.

Types of advertising methods on Instagram

The first thing is to advertise on the most visited pages or the big pages of Instagram. For this, one should prepare a big advertising banner and send it to the big pages of Instagram. This method of Instagram advertising is very effective in attracting followers immediately. Of course, it goes without saying that you have to pay a fee for this. The big pages of Instagram are the pages that increase the number of followers every day. Advertising on the big pages of Instagram to attract immediate followers first of all requires identifying these pages.

One of the prominent features of these pages is having many followers. Although some pages buy fake or fake followers, but to advertise on Instagram’s big pages, you must be careful that the number of page followers is real. Another feature of these pages is that they are specialized. To advertise on Instagram and increase followers immediately, it is necessary to make sure that the pages are specialized, because this feature of pages that advertise only one business in a targeted and specialized way is the most effective way to increase and attract followers immediately.

Of course, advertising everywhere has rules and conditions, so Instagram is no exception and has its own conditions for effective advertising. Therefore, knowing the terms of advertising in this social network is essential for business growth and increasing followers.

Advertising on Instagram’s big pages is done in several ways:

1- Banner advertising: It means that a photo of the desired product is taken for advertising and placed on the big screen of Instagram, which is also effective for attracting followers.

2- Video advertisement: that is, a video of the product is taken and placed on the pages that are supposed to do the advertisement; This is one of the ways to attract customers and increase followers immediately.

3- Advertising in the story: It means that a photo of the product is given to the pages that advertise the work to put it in their story for 24 hours.

Apart from the big Instagram pages that do advertising work for people in exchange for receiving a fee that is sometimes high, people themselves can also advertise their products and brands to sell more and attract followers immediately. in such a way that:

The advertiser should post frequent posts on his Instagram page, because sending continuous posts will make the product more visible and attract followers immediately.

Caption is also one of the other methods of advertising on Instagram, in this way, the caption should be practical and attract followers immediately, encouraging the follower to buy the product.

Hashtags are also very effective in Instagram advertising, because placing the hashtag next to the advertised product will make it visible sooner and attract followers immediately. For this, you can choose a product hashtag, a favorite personal hashtag, or a local hashtag. Adding a hashtag leads to more visits to posts and an increase in followers; This means effective advertising on Instagram.

Another way to advertise yourself on Instagram is live video. This video is seen by default and before the story, above all posts, which is an effective step for Instagram promotion and product branding, commercial identity, and immediate follower attraction.

Providing discounts for products is also one of the most effective advertising steps, as sending a discount link to visitors will result in fast performance, immediate follower attraction and ultimately product sales.

Another method of advertising on Instagram is to plan and run a contest. By exciting the participants and motivating participation, the contest leads to more sales of products.

Of course, advertising everywhere has rules and conditions, so Instagram is no exception and has its own conditions for effective advertising. Therefore, knowing the terms of advertising in this social network is essential for business growth and increasing followers.


Considering that today Instagram has become a source of business among brands and business owners and even ordinary people, it is necessary for the users of this social network to first seek to increase followers in order to get the desired result; Because the increase in followers means the increase in customers to buy products

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