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Project title

Design and Develop of Tour & Vacation Homes Rentals platform

Services provided


  1. Lack of infrastructural and operational automation and as a result the cost of manpower increases due to manual services.
  2. All competitors operate locally in the market and services are not provided internationally.

Experience gained

With the complete research that we did on the target audience, it was found that the audience needs a simple and transparent platform to register the request in this direction due to the large age range.

For this purpose, by examining the market and competitors, we determined the level of work and started designing the user interface and user experience at the international level.

Also, to encourage and speed up this process, as well as reduce the side costs of the parties and increase the percentage of successful bookings on the platform, we removed the manual service and, considering the required facilities, we implemented it into an automatic and immediate path on the platform.

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