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The best way to make advertising banners


One of people’s concerns is always to increase the efficiency of an advertising banner to improve the business situation. Because in a business, advertising is the first word and usually heavy advertising costs force sellers to use the best and highest quality advertising banners.

The world of digital marketing has a very wide space and every day we see the emergence of new methods that can be used to achieve better results. One of these better outputs can be more sales, which has attracted a lot of people’s attention today with the expansion of online stores. It should also be noted that, in addition to being important, advertising banners must first have the necessary appeal and then be welcomed!

What are the most important points in designing advertising banners?

Design quality, type of content and call to action (CTA) on advertising banners are very important in persuading the audience to click and conversion rate (CR), and the more basic and attractive these banners are designed, the more clicks they can get. To create an advertising banner, you must keep in mind important points that we will mention below.

  1. Design each banner according to the host page or website

In an effective advertising activity, you must first find a suitable and relevant website that is of interest to your customers, then design a banner that is compatible with the taste of visitors to that website.

At the same time, try to make the banner you design match the design of the website so that it looks completely professional. Sometimes some professional designers make the banner as if it is a part of the website, which reduces the resistance of the visitors of that website to click on those banners, or in other words, more people are directed to you through this banner.

  1. Use banners or animations

A banner that is designed as a flashing animation has a higher chance of being seen, but at the same time, your animation should not be such that it irritates the visitors and leaves a bad mentality in their subconscious.

Animated images that change very quickly and constantly tire the viewer, and in this case, not only will your banner not be clicked, but probably some visitors will pass that page. You can even make a small part of your banner animated. Remember that the dignity of your banner reflects your credibility and self-confidence.

  1. Banners should be concise and enticing

Make several versions of the ad banner and have it ready. Advertising banners with subtle graphic details have the highest percentage of return.

Experience has shown that such banners are clicked up to 7%, which is a very good statistic for an advertising banner. Now that you have designed different banners, try to replace them with each other at 72-hour intervals and compare the visit statistics of each one with the other. By doing this, you will gain valuable experience regarding the reaction of visitors, which can be used in subsequent designs.

  1. Get help from a professional graphic designer

Today, banner design has become much more complicated than three years ago; Therefore, you need a professional graphic designer to design a number of effective and varied advertising banners.

The internet is not only a valuable source for finding information, but it has made it very easy for you to choose a professional graphic designer. You can easily find your favorite graphic designer with a simple search and check his portfolio. Be sure that you will get an income from a professional banner that will not be seen in comparison to the cost you paid for an advertising banner.

  1. Reduce the graphics volume

If your banner is too heavy, it will take a long time to load on a web page, and it is natural that it will have a lower chance of being seen, and obviously, it will be less clicked; Therefore, you should try to design your banner size less than 15 kilobytes. Of course, this size seems a little unrealistic for an animated advertising banner.

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising banner

A typical banner ad attracts half a percent of a website’s visitors on average, so if 2 percent of visitors click on a banner, that’s a good statistic; But sometimes it is difficult to get such statistics.

If after three days your banner is not performing properly, then you should change your advertising banner. Also, try to try different websites. Remember, never spend all your budget on advertising on one website, but it is better to spread your ads on several websites. Find your perfect fit.

  1. Try, revise, try again

All these tips are useful in creating banner ads, but they are not a magic formula. You have to find out which one works best for you through trial and error. Try them first, when you see the results, make the necessary corrections and try again, and then try again. Be sure to measure the results.

Super professional online and offline advertising writing training

Imagine how great it would be to be inundated with orders with every ad you post!

Don’t fool yourself! Without advertising skills, even the best products can’t be sold easily!

Copywriting is an essential skill for the success of any type of business!

Many managers and business owners even with the principles of advertising

They are not swimming!

Maybe your distance from riches is just a great advertisement!

The above sentence is one of the most famous sentences of Mr. David Egilvy, the father of advertising science. He believed that many entrepreneurs will never become successful and rich by having great products; Because they don’t know how to write advertisements.

The subtle point is that maybe your products and services are also great; But the audience doesn’t realize this before buying your product, and the only thing the audience sees before buying is your advertisement.

Advertising is a combination of psychology and art. You must be able to present a very suitable introduction of your product so that some people are willing to make the purchase.

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