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The way to success is through setting goals!!


Someone was standing at the crossroads and asked:

-Can you tell me where I should go?

The other party replied:

  • It depends where you want to go?

The first person said:

-I do not know !!

The other party answered:

So it doesn’t matter which way you go!!!

That is, if you don’t know where you want to go and if you don’t have a specific goal, having a guide by your side will not help you.

Target characteristics

The goal he chooses must have the following five characteristics so that the goal is chosen correctly.

1- The goal must be specific (S)

2- Measurable (M)

3- Achievable (A)

4- Realistic (R)

5- Timely (T)

If we combine the first letter of the above English words together, we get the word SMART meaning smart, that is, if the goal you choose has the above characteristics, that goal is a smart goal, and God is also on your way to reaching such goals. will help

If the goal you choose has the above characteristics, that goal is a smart goal.

How to define our goals?

To create and bring anything into your life, imagine that you already have that thing in your possession.

If you have chosen your goal, to understand that your goal is clear and clear, give clear answers to the following four questions.

If my goal is achieved, what will be the favorable results for me and other people whose fate is important to me?

If my goal is achieved, what adverse results will prevent me and others from happening?

If my goal is not achieved, what will be the side effects for me and others, and in other words, what price will I pay?

If my goal is not achieved, what are the desired results for me and others?

Also, pay attention to two other important points in choosing your goals.

A: Your set of goals should not violate each other and be opposite to each other.

B: Consider others in our goals and think about spiritual goals as well.

In order to clarify and clarify the goals, you must ask yourself key questions!!

The goal must have time

Unfortunately, many people neglect to pay attention to this feature. Maybe in these situations, they try to predict the time to achieve their goals, and when they do not find this ability in themselves, they give up on the determination, not knowing that time is actually a part of your goal. To understand this article, pay attention to the following example:

Imagine that you own a bicycle at the age of 30 or that you are accepted in the entrance exam at an old age when you cannot go to university.

So it is necessary that you predict the time of occurrence or achievement of your goal, just like determining the goal itself.

You are not only moving towards the goal, but the goal will also move towards you.

It is necessary that you predict the time of occurrence or achievement of your goal just like setting the goal itself.


Have you ever noticed that:

For a moving car, the time to reach a certain destination is a function of distance, acceleration, speed, friction, etc. All the mentioned factors are considered variables in the equation, and the most important factor that is assumed to be constant is the destination. ?

Now, if you consider the destination as moving, such as when the destination car reaches another moving car (like racing), the situation is very different because it may go away against the direction of the car’s movement or approach it according to its direction. You must have come across all three mentioned cases many times in your life. Of course, the most common one is the first one, but you can simultaneously make the target move towards you when you are moving towards the goal. for example :

“For years, man walked in search of water and lived a nomadic life, but when he decided to let the water flow over him, urban life emerged.”

One of the ways you can use it to move the goal towards you is to create motivation in your partners and colleagues or employees.

So, in short, if you want to get amazing results, you have to love your goal, and you have two ways to do this:

1- After internal investigations, find out what can really make your full power erupt

2-Integrate a very happy and pleasant image with your goal and create a single and ideal image from their collection. Just like advertising experts who use a warm and pleasant voice or a popular and popular face to create people’s passion for a product. .

Love is a mirror in which two lovers see each other’s faces!!

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