Back Project title Production of digital menu platform in food centers (restaurants, coffee shops, etc.) Services provided Challenge Each store had its wallet system and the appearance of each store should be kept specific to that store Experience gained We connected the wallets to the store’s internal system and after designing and implementing the appearance, […]



Back Project title Formulation of content production strategy and social media marketing Services provided Developing a strategy Social media marketing Content production Challenge With the first reviews of the history of social media marketing of Dis Man Collection, the things to think about and the need to formulate a content strategy and calendar were to […]

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Back project subject Formulation of branding strategy, content creation, and digital marketing Services provided Digital marketing Formulation of branding strategy Content production Challenges After entering the brand and conducting related analyzes at the market level, the presence of powerful competitors and yellow services next to them made the competition difficult. Therefore, the main topic was […]