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The system is a path based on the two pillars of production and sales

But what will make the system move? And what purpose do the columns need to move?

Growth is the missing link in today’s businesses. In the path of growth, we will reach a good market by uniting the pillars, that is, engineers and sellers.

So what is better than understanding the needs of customers?

The main result of the unification of these two columns is the estimation of market needs and contacts and production with the same path and ultimately sales.

Our goal is to connect you and your business to empower you. So, without you, we will not have a definition, and by connecting with you, we will live and walk together on the path of growth.

Brand digital strategy and branding services

If you want to shape your dream, it is necessary to provide the necessary infrastructure from the very beginning so that you can get the desired result in the end. For your brand to be successful, by examining and identifying brand challenges by the brand strategist and analyst, the required solutions are formulated.

By analyzing and examining the business model, branding and identification of brand challenges can be identified easily and in principle, by holding numerous meetings with our experts, the condition of the brand will be examined and we will help you to place your brand in the right place in the market. get what he wants

The business model of each brand represents the brand process from beginning to end. Any brand without a business model is like a tourist who travels without a map and plan, he may travel to different places, but neither he nor others know his purpose, and no one knows what destination the tourist is traveling to. By examining the brand’s goals in the meetings held, the business model of each brand is determined and operational planning is done to implement the required items.

  • Branding consulting
  • Development of a digital marketing strategy
  • Developing content production strategy

Brand visual identity design

The most beautiful designs come from the most beautiful minds. No, no, don’t make a mistake! We depict the dream of your beautiful mind, not our own; So feel free to dream.

After formulating the strategy, the design team must portray your brand identity. Your visual identity should be effective in such a way that at the first glance your audience, will be fascinated by you, and it is our specialty to design a design suitable for your brand and reputation according to your brand strategy.

Think that you are meeting an important person and that you have prepared yourself to meet that person in the best way, both in terms of clothing and appearance, as well as in terms of behavior. For you as well as for him, the first communication will be very important. The appearance and behavior that you have drawn for yourself are called the brand’s visual identity or brand personality, which should be implemented in all dimensions of your brand.

  • Logo design
  • Motion logo
  • Set of administrative papers
  • Visual structure of the brand
  • Book brand
  • Color palette
  • Pattern
  • Font

Digital design and customer experience

Design is an art when it is intertwined with science. Especially when it comes to website and application design and implementation. Art is an inner action with the free motivation that comes to the fore symbolically. But this does not end only with art; You are implementing your brand identity here, so stay with us.

For the effective presence of your business in the digital space, it is necessary to choose platforms to create an online base. Don’t be afraid of the type of choice because these platforms have been selected in step one (digital brand strategy and branding) and in this step, the expertise of our digital design team and customer experience, which, by analyzing the market and audience, determines the design style and the necessary features to move forward. Develop, design, and implement a competitive route. There is nothing that cannot be done by our experts, we look at the right experience for your contacts by examining competitive advantages and providing facilitating features.

  • Website design and development
  • Application design and development

Brand content creation

You have probably heard this saying many times that content is king. This famous sentence was posted on Microsoft’s website in 1996 by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. With time, the importance of this issue became clear to everyone; But what is the content? From our point of view, content is like a plant that should always be green, and with its importance and care, green and grown content can achieve your best goals for you.

Green, valuable, relevant, and integrated content is the heart of your brand. In addition to attracting the audience (content marketing), the content also engages the audience spiritually in your content. The important point in content production is that due to its attractiveness, it is possible to change the direction of production. Content production is like a smooth snake that can easily turn its head and even though it does not reduce its quality, it can take you away from the main goal.

This is where a great program sees the final path and existing leads and implements it in line with the business goals. This is the content strategy of your brand that will be used in digital marketing. Your most important pillar is content production, and this issue is so important that every year search engines increase its importance and increase the ranking of your site.

  • Production of textual content
  • Storytelling
  • Scenario writing
  • Producing advertising and movie teasers
  • Motion graphics
  • 3D animations
  • All types of advertising, content, educational graphic design, etc.

Digital Marketing

Now is the time to show and enter the market and you are ready for an exciting competition to show yourself to everyone and tell what values ​​you are ready to unveil. Let us clarify the previous step regarding the market; A step that many people may not like to talk about because it is an important technique and the death of their pitcher.

Earlier, we had a short talk about competitor and market analysis, but now it’s time to use the details. These analyzes have the best results. Think about it, having information such as competitors’ weaknesses and strengths, their busy times, and the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of their audience, etc., to determine the best time for your entry, and on the other hand, with business matrices of appropriate market times and guidelines Know the occasions, market trends, seasonal market requirements, etc. So now you are ready to strengthen your strengths and solve your weaknesses, and you should take advantage of opportunities and distance yourself from threats.

So, the time of competition in the digital platform has started, and now you have to start your digital activity with the specified power, that is, digital marketing.

Digital marketing includes all the tools and activities used to market products and services; But it should be noted that all activities are done on a digital platform (web, internet, mobile, etc.).

Let’s say more about the activities and tools that you have heard more or less:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Optimization for search engines (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Banner Advertising
  • Native Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile marketing or mobile marketing (or its old term: mobile advertising)
  • Marketing through cooperation in sales (Affiliate Marketing)
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Viral Marketing
  • Targeted and customized advertising

These are all the tools and activities that our experts are ready to use to grow and achieve your goals, and with the complicated version for your business, which is your strategy, the time and extent of their use are determined and practicality begins.

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