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Project title

Visual identity design and user interface

Services provided

UI/UX Design
Logo design
Content production


Covinci is an international brand of acrylic and stained-glass paint, which is produced with a special quality and #1 rank in Iran. The competition of this color is not limited to Iran and it is competing with international reputable brands. The main challenge is to place the brand identity with the aim of artistic colors among the competitors and the market.

Experience gained

Visual identity design started after initial research. Choosing the name and designing the brand logo in the center of this identity, considering the important points of communication between the brand and the audience, we started with the name Covinci, which is the concept of color and the personality of an artist who uses color (Da Vinci). Appropriate logo design and identity and guidelines were also determined. Then, using the results of market and competitor analysis, the user interface design was also done.

Other projects

Other projects