Imazh Branding Studio

Iran Law

Project title

Designing and launching a lawyer-to-client communications platform

Services provided

UI/UX Design


After examining the idea and researching the market, there were several problems to connect the client to the lawyer, the most important of which was how to build digital trust and valid and safe payments for the parties.

Experience gained

After examining the idea and researching the market to determine the brand identity and design, the first Iranian lawyer communication platform was launched (similar to freelance sites to connect the executive to the employer). Building trust, determining the steps of communication and the type of lawyer recruitment from the client’s side was one of the challenges ahead, by providing a safe platform for payment, conversation, and communication, complete explanation, and non-theft of information before agreeing on extraordinary and fruitful solutions. It led to the establishment of the foundation and the excellent development of this clinic.

Other projects

Other projects