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Shiraz Elite center

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Branding strategy design and implementation

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The main plan of the center was to cultivate elites with a completely new and modern method at the international level, and these services at the city level needed culture building and in the next step, awareness. Finally, the main goal was to attract people and the number of registrations.

Experience gained

A three-year strategy for local and national branding was formulated and internal team building was carried out by analyzing the brand method and examining the existing competitors in the country and examining the scope of the market.

Also, roadmap marketing and advertising were compiled, and content and advertising productions were carried out. The design of sub-brands and interactive plans was done and influential people were identified, and the process was accelerated with the help of slogans and digital platforms. The result of the work was excellent, in the second year, the initial goal of recruitment was achieved, and in the third year, in addition to the full registration, half of the capacity was registered as a reservation.


Sub-brand designs are formed with the aim of attraction or activity scope

Shiraz Entrepreneurship House

This school was designed to attract and publicly display the approach of the elite center and to the event mode. According to the age range of the audience (from 5 to 20 years), the events were held in a green space outside the city and a simulated performance of the entire entrepreneurship period was held. The purpose of this design and production of the sub-brand was to attract and get input for the elite center.

Sarat Institute

To set up education-oriented schools and implement all the up-to-date principles of education at the international level, such as the Reggio Emilia method, it was formed internally from the Iranian-Islamic civilization, and the entire path of absorption takes place with the initial entry.

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Other projects