Digital branding and digital marketing


Digital branding and digital marketing consulting have become essential elements in today’s business landscape. As consumers spend more time online and businesses compete in an increasingly crowded digital marketplace, developing a strong online presence has become crucial. However, navigating the complex world of digital marketing and branding can be challenging, which is where digital branding […]


Back Project title Production of digital menu platform in food centers (restaurants, coffee shops, etc.) Services provided Challenge Each store had its wallet system and the appearance of each store should be kept specific to that store Experience gained We connected the wallets to the store’s internal system and after designing and implementing the appearance, […]

Reflection – Recorder


Back Project title The user interface design of the reflection recorder Services provided Challenge The features of the recorder should be designed with the aim of easy playback of sounds in both educational and engineering categories. Experience gained Based on this, with the resulting research, we reached a complete understanding of consumers who had to […]

Chinglun machine

Back Project title Interface design and user experience of equipment manufacturing plant – China Services provided Challenge Industrial work class user interface and user experience aimed outside of China Experience gained Based on this, the design and implementation of a multilingual website were carried out with the aim of convenience for the users of the […]


Back Project title Brand visual identity design Services provided Challenge After preliminary investigations, it was found that this method of work, which is an online order of vegetables, is in the first part of the culture-building process, and it needed more importance in easy recognition and introduction, which would also increase the trust of the […]



Back Project title Design of store platform and photography of medical products Services provided Challenge Photography of medical equipment and proper website design is one of the things that should be given importance in this field because it requires high precision and expertise. The goal of attracting and selling these products is another thing that […]



Back Project title Wireframe design, interface, and user experience Services provided Challenge This plan was investigated and implemented in research conducted by the clinic itself, to guide foreign patients and not inform these patients about the clinic’s services, equipment, and costs. Experience gained With the investigations carried out on the contacts of the clinic and […]


Back Project title Production of medical educational content Services provided Challenge The patients who were facing the problem of lymph nodes should be trained in special care so that they can change their dressing by themselves in addition to pre-receptive sports movements. The training that existed in medical centers and universities of medical sciences was […]

Gaf Azmoon


Back Project title Designing the exam simulator platform and analyzing students’ growth Services provided Challenge The most challenging part of the project was the analytical-diagrammatic part of the student’s growth based on the comparison of students and their curricular and field growth path. Experience gained The feature list of the project was compiled based on […]



Back Project title Visual identity design and user interface Services provided UI/UX Design Logo design Content production Challenge Covinci is an international brand of acrylic and stained-glass paint, which is produced with a special quality and #1 rank in Iran. The competition of this color is not limited to Iran and it is competing with […]