Back Project title Brand visual identity design Services provided Challenge After preliminary investigations, it was found that this method of work, which is an online order of vegetables, is in the first part of the culture-building process, and it needed more importance in easy recognition and introduction, which would also increase the trust of the […]



Back Project title Visual identity design and user interface Services provided UI/UX Design Logo design Content production Challenge Covinci is an international brand of acrylic and stained-glass paint, which is produced with a special quality and #1 rank in Iran. The competition of this color is not limited to Iran and it is competing with […]

Engage to earn

Back Project title Launching a monetization platform through social interaction Services provided Challenge Due to the complexity of the idea, the main challenge of the interactive and anti-disruptive implementation of this platform is to connect to social networks and monitor interactions with minimal errors for the payments of the participants. Experience gained Based on this, […]


Back Project title Creating a new brand in the field of smart recycling management Services provided Challenge Due to the presence of other brands in this market and with the initial analysis of this process, the most important goal of how to introduce and enter the market of the brand was determined, and the most […]

Shiraz Elite center

Back Project title Branding strategy design and implementation Services provided Challenge The main plan of the center was to cultivate elites with a completely new and modern method at the international level, and these services at the city level needed culture building and in the next step, awareness. Finally, the main goal was to attract […]

Payesh Academy

Payesh 3

Back project subject Formulation of branding strategy, content creation, and digital marketing Services provided Digital marketing Formulation of branding strategy Content production Challenges After entering the brand and conducting related analyzes at the market level, the presence of powerful competitors and yellow services next to them made the competition difficult. Therefore, the main topic was […]

Smart Nobka

Nobka 1

Back project subject Content marketing and social networks Services provided Developing a strategy Social media marketing Content production Challenges Smart products and smart home essentials are somehow growing in the country, but they will have ups and downs among Iranian competitors. The main issue was to get a share of the digital market. Experience gained […]