Shiraz Elite center


Back Project title Branding strategy design and implementation Services provided Challenge The main plan of the center was to cultivate elites with a completely new and modern method at the international level, and these services at the city level needed culture building and in the next step, awareness. Finally, the main goal was to attract […]



Back Project title Designing the platform for buying and selling Tether cryptocurrency Services provided UI/UX Design Challenge The way to calculate the price and buy and sell Tether needed to be modified due to the long time on the web platform and competitors to save time and speed up the work. Experience gained By designing […]


Satran 3

Back project subject Designing the visual identity of Satran – an Iranian women’s clothing brand Services provided Logo design Challenges Satran brand, with the slogan of Iranian style, needed an appropriate Iranian identity, a structure related to clothing style and luxury. Experience gained By examining the brand criteria and based on the client’s needs, the […]


Madad 1-min

Back project subject Brand visual identity design Services provided Logo design Challenges Madad is a mechanical brand in line with the production of mechanical parts and products. This industrial brand, relying on its strength and internal services and its technicians, needs a clear and distinct identity in the display of its brand. Experience gained With […]



Back Project title Increasing the digital credibility of the brand by promoting the identity and digital platform Services provided Website development UI/UX Design Content production Logo design Challenge Due to the promotion of Vosough brand value in the previous years and the expansion of the services of this holding to attract related startups, there was […]

Iran Law


Back Project title Designing and launching a lawyer-to-client communications platform Services provided UI/UX Design Programming Challenge After examining the idea and researching the market, there were several problems to connect the client to the lawyer, the most important of which was how to build digital trust and valid and safe payments for the parties. Experience […]