(Website RFP) How to Submit a Website Design Request?

(Website RFP) How to Submit a Website Design Request?

How to Submit a Website Design Request (Website RFP) The time has come for you to have a website or redesign your current one. Therefore, you need to write a Request For Proposal (RFP) for web design. A quick search yields numerous web proposal templates, but they might not be accurate or align with your […]



Back Project title Design of store platform and photography of medical products Services provided Challenge Photography of medical equipment and proper website design is one of the things that should be given importance in this field because it requires high precision and expertise. The goal of attracting and selling these products is another thing that […]

Gaf Azmoon


Back Project title Designing the exam simulator platform and analyzing students’ growth Services provided Challenge The most challenging part of the project was the analytical-diagrammatic part of the student’s growth based on the comparison of students and their curricular and field growth path. Experience gained The feature list of the project was compiled based on […]



Back Project title Visual identity design and user interface Services provided UI/UX Design Logo design Content production Challenge Covinci is an international brand of acrylic and stained-glass paint, which is produced with a special quality and #1 rank in Iran. The competition of this color is not limited to Iran and it is competing with […]



Back Project title Designing the user interface of Iranoca Immigration Company Services provided UI/UX Design Challenge The existence of powerful competitors as well as the user interface design was done by conveying a sense of attractiveness and high prestige Experience gained With the research that was done on the competitors and the market, the results […]

Shiraz University  – Pezhvak Clinic


Back Project title Designing the research-consulting platform for Pezhvak Psychological Clinic Services provided UI/UX Design Programming Challenge The lack of a similar platform in the market and the research goal of the clinic is considered the main challenge of the project and it made it necessary to create facilities for consultants, clients, and audiences on […]



Back Project title Designing the platform for buying and selling Tether cryptocurrency Services provided UI/UX Design Challenge The way to calculate the price and buy and sell Tether needed to be modified due to the long time on the web platform and competitors to save time and speed up the work. Experience gained By designing […]

Smart Nobka

Nobka 1

Back project subject Content marketing and social networks Services provided Developing a strategy Social media marketing Content production Challenges Smart products and smart home essentials are somehow growing in the country, but they will have ups and downs among Iranian competitors. The main issue was to get a share of the digital market. Experience gained […]



Back Project title Increasing the digital credibility of the brand by promoting the identity and digital platform Services provided Website development UI/UX Design Content production Logo design Challenge Due to the promotion of Vosough brand value in the previous years and the expansion of the services of this holding to attract related startups, there was […]

Iran Law


Back Project title Designing and launching a lawyer-to-client communications platform Services provided UI/UX Design Programming Challenge After examining the idea and researching the market, there were several problems to connect the client to the lawyer, the most important of which was how to build digital trust and valid and safe payments for the parties. Experience […]